Recent news from the Fuhrmann Lab

Galenus Guest Professorship at UNC Chapel Hill, September 2022


Gregor is visiting the Division of Pharmacoengineering and Molecular Pharmaceutics at University North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


The academic visit was donated by the Galenus Foundation.

Kayak tour, June 2022


Our group went kayaking on the river Wiesent.


Great fun, nobody turned turtle!




Professorship in Pharmaceutical Biology, June 2021


Gregor has been recently appointed Chair in Pharmaceutical Biology at the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen and will join the Department of Biology in September 2021.




ERC Starting Grant, September 2020


Our group is one of the recent recipients of the ERC Starting Grant 2020! We are very happy and proud for this amazing distinction.


More here: ERC Starting Grant recipients and the UdS press release


Junior Professorship for Gregor, May 2020


Gregor has been appointed Associated Junior Professor from the Faculty of Natural Sciences at Saarland University.

Group activity, July 2020


For annual our summer group activity we went climbing followed by dinner.


Great fun, everyone!

BION Christmas lunch, December 2019


We had our annual Christmas lunch with a brainstorming session at HIPS, followed by nice food at Cafe Kostbar.


Then off for pottery painting - it is impressive what talents the BION group has!


Thank you for everyone joining the activity. Some impressions are below:

Excellence programme, November 2019


Eilien Schulz has been selected in the "Excellence Programme for Female Scientists IV" from Saarland University. In this three-year programme Eilien will have support from mentors and in different workshops to promote her career.


Well done, Eilien!

Scientists for Future, September 2019


HIPS and BION are ready for the big Global Climate Demonstration on 20 September 2019.


Please all join and give us a voice


This is important for all of us!


Young Investigator Award, September 2019


Gregor has been awarded with the "Horst-Böhme" young investigators prize from the German Pharmaceutical Society.


He received this award for his excellent pharmaceutical research and during the Annual Meeting in Heidelberg.




See the press release from HZI and UdS here.


Group activity, May 2019


BION went to play lasertag as our summer group activity. 


Afterwards we enjoyed plenty of "Flammkuchen".


Thanks everyone for being around!

Student visit from the University Hebron, April 2019


BION has hosted the visit of a group of pharmacy students from the University Hebron (Palestine).


We discussed our project and gave them a tour through our labs. Thanks everyone for participating!

Special Issue in Pharmakon, March 2019


We have recently co-edited a special issue on vitamins D and E in Pharmakon, the official proceeding of the German Pharmaceutical Society.


The issue highlights the physiological importance of the vitamins and their potential use in pharmaceutical technology.

Controlled Release Society Meeting, March 2019


Eilien has received the award for best oral presentation at the Controlled Release Society German Chapter Annual Meeting 2019 in Leipzig.


Great job and very well deserved accolade!

Microscopy contest, January 2019


Congrats to Adriely who was won the third prize in the Nano-Bio image contest with her image "Myxofly"


Well done!

BION Christmas lunch, December 2018


The BION group went out for our annual Christmas lunch which took place in the restaurant Da Fillipp - we enjoyed traditional Italian cuisine and German beer! 


Afterwards we all went to the Christmas market for some mulled wine.


Thanks all for being around!

Cover story in JCR, November 2018


The work of Eilien and Adriely - published in JCR - was now selected as cover story in volume 290 of the Journal of Controlled Release


Please also check out the press release from Saarland University and from HZI




We have also been featured in Pharmazeutische Zeitung, and Saarbrücker Zeitung

BION featured on q&more, November 2018


Our group was recently featured on q&more, an international platform for discussing recent developments in academia and industry.


We have contributed an article summarising our recent results on extracellular vesicles.


Read the German version here.

1st GSEV Autumn Meeting, November 2018


Gregor has been co-organiser of the 1st Autumn Meeting of the German Society for Extracellular Vesicles (GSEV).


The meeting was held on 15 and 16 November in Marburg and attracted 100 participants from Germany and abroad.

Thanks everyone for contributing!

Funding from the German Association of the Chemical Industry, November 2018


BION receives research funds from the "Verband der Chemischen Industry" in their young academics programme.


We will use this money to purchase small research equipment.


Wonderful achievement!

Manuscript in the Journal of Controlled Release, October 2018


The work of Eilien and Adriely was recently published in JCR


In this collaboration with the MINS group, we have characterised a type of myxobacteria that produces inherently biocompatible and antimicrobial activity.


Congratulations to Eilien as the lead author!

BION PhD seminar, September 2018


Together with the DDEL group from HIPS and the Pharmaceutical Technology group from UdS we spent three days on the historic castle of Bacharach.


Burg Stahleck was the perfect environment for a stimulating PhD seminar with talks and discussions and a water rafting tour on the beautiful Rhine!


Thanks all for participating.

News and Views contribution in Nature Materials, August 2018


Gregor has recently contributed a News and Views piece on Nature Materials discussion a new luminal coating of the intestine developed by the Karp Lab at Brigham and Women's Hospital.


Very interesting concept which may be extended to other dispositions, such as coeliac disease!

BioBarriers 2018, August 2018


BION was involved in the 12th Meeting on Biological Barriers taking place in Saarbrücken from 27-29 August 2018.

We heard a wonderful talk by Eilien within the first EV-session during BioBarriers.


Well done, Eilien!

More impression from BioBarriers 2018 above!


BION in the news, August 2018


Our research group has recently been featured in the broadcast programme Aktueller Bericht from the SR Television. The report gives an impression of the BioBarriers Meeting 2018 and our efforts in developing new antimicrobial avenues


See the video here (starts at 9:40 min).

Manuscript in Scientific Reports, August 2018


Maximilian's paper was just published in Scientific Reports.


In this work, we describe in detail how lyophilisation and other storage conditions affects the size and morphology of extracellular vesicles.


Congratulations to all participating authors!


Oral presentation at CRS 2018 by Gregor, July 2018


Gregor went to the Annual Meeting of the Controlled Release Society 2018 in New York City were he gave an oral presentation.


In addition he had a special recognition talk invited by the new Biomimetic Drug Delivery Focus Group at CRS.


The meeting was very fruitful!


Firmenlauf Saarbrücken, June 2018


BION has participated with 8 team members in the Saarbrücken Corporate Challenge (Firmenlauf).


We came in 117th of 650 teams.


Well done, guys!


Minister President visits HIPS, June 2018


The current Minister-President of Saarland, Tobias

Hans, has recently visited the HIPS.


He discussed our work and had lab tour.

Very interesting to meet him!


Read the official press release here.

Fellowship for Thomas Kuhn, May 2018


Thomas has secured a prestigious PhD fellowship from the German Academic Scholarship Foundation (Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes).


Congrats, very well done!


Bowling with BION, April 2018


Our group went out for a joint bowling evening followd by Pizza for everybody.


Nobody was hurt, everyone did their best!


Thanks all for joining.

Poster award for Gregor, April 2018


Gregor has won the Jan Feijen Poster Prize at the 15th European Symposium on Controlled Drug Delivery.


His poster "Novel extracellular vesicle-based hydrogels for anti-inflammatory therapy" was selected from over 100 contributions.



Cover in Advanced Materials, April 2018


BION has recently published the first example of incorporation of extracellular vesicles into a biomedical hydrogel.


Our manuscript was selected for the back cover of Advanced Materials!



This work was also featured in InFact, the staff magazine of the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research.

Special Issue in Pharmakon, March 2018


We have recently co-edited a special issue on coeliac disease in Pharmakon, the official proceeding of the German Pharmaceutical Society.


The issue highlights the disease ranging from pathophysiological aspects to exploratory therapies.

Manuscript in Advanced Materials, February 2018


BION has recently published the first example of incorporation of extracellular vesicles into a biomedical hydrogel.


Hydrogels were characterised biomechanically and employed for an enzyme-prodrug therapy approach showing enhanced anti-inflammatory activity.

BION Christmas lunch, December 2017


After completing a team exercise in the morning, we went out for our annual Christmas lunch. It took place in the restaurant "Herzenslust" in the centre of Saarbrucken! 


Afterwards, we had another mulled wine at the Saarbrucken Christmas market.


Thanks for participating everyone!

VW grant Experiment!, November 2017


BION receives a grant from the Volkswagen Stiftung. Their programme Experiment! is designated for exploring highly risky research ideas. We aim at developing novel cell-mimetics for modulating autoimmune diseases.


This is an enormous achievement as the success rate for this programme was below 5%!

Galenus Award ceremony, November 2017


Gregor receives the Galenus Technology Award from the Galenus Privatstiftung 2017.


The award ceremony took place in the Natural History Museum in Vienna (Austria). The perfect location for a prestigious prize!

Scholarship for Maximilian Richter, November 2017


Max Richter has secured funding from the German Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes.


His fellowship will support his PhD work in the BION group.


Well done, Max!

PhD seminar, October 2017


BION had their PhD seminar together with the groups of Claus-Michael Lehr (HIPS) and Marc Schneider (Uni Saarland).


We enjoyed two days of science discussion and social activities, such as our volleyball tournament!

BION retreat, August 2017


BION has recently been on their annual group retreat enjoying a full day of discussing science and other social activities.


We went to an Escape room to hunt for Jack the Ripper! Fortunately, we managed to escape the room within the one hour time limit.


Good job, folks!

Galenus Technology Award, August 2017


Gregor has been awarded the prestigous Technology Prize from the Galenus Privatstiftung. The award recognises Gregor's contribution to the field of Pharmaceutical Technology.


He will receive the award in Vienna in November 2017 and together with the second winner, Dr. Peter Wich (University Mainz).

Scholarship for Mina Mehanny, July 2017


Mina Mehanny has recently secured a competitive German Egyptian research longterm scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD.


With this fellowship, Mina will take up his PhD studies in the BION group starting in April 2018.


Congratulations, Mina!

Manuscript in COCIS, July 2017


In our recently published review manuscript in Current Opinion in Colloid and Interface Science (COCIS) we discuss new strategies of improving oral delivery of various drugs by means of polymer conjugation. We highlight the importance of such macromolecular conjugates as promising avenue for the oral administration route.


Visit EU Commissioner, Mai 2017


The European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, Vytenis Andriukaitis, has recently visited the Helmholtz-Institute for Pharmaceutical Research.


Read more about his visit at HIPS here


Portrait in InFact, April 2017


Gregor has been recently portrayed in the staff magazin InFact from the Helmholtz-Centre for Infection Research.


Read more on his scientific career and why he is a supporter of Hertha BSC.


Exam ceremony, April 2017


Gregor has recently given the key note lecture at the exam ceremony of the Pharmaceutical Institute at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz.


Learn more on recent therapeutic approaches on celiac diseases here.


March for Science, April 2017


BION has participated in the March for Science 2017.


We stand for equality, because no matter what gender we will not surrender!


More here


Manuscript in EJPB, April 2017


Our lab has recently published a review manuscript in the European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics (EJPB).

The paper discusses the role of extracellular vesicles in infections and their potential use for therapy. This work was a collaboration with the pARTicles 3D Lab at EMPA, Switzerland (Dr. Inge K. Herrmann)


German Society for Extracellular Vesicles, March 2017


The German Society for Extracellular Vesicles is the national network for scientists and professionals working in the field of exosomes, microvesicles and other cell-derived vesicles. Gregor is a founding member of GSEV.  More at or by contacting Gregor Fuhrmann



Press release GSEV
PDF-Dokument [361.6 KB]

Fuhrmann lab in Campus Magazine, February 2017


Read the latest article about our work in Campus, the Web-Magazine from the Saarland University and learn how we develop "nanoparticle-taxis" to deliver antibiotics to the site of infection.


Full Campus article here

Fuhrmann lab in the news, December 2016


Our research group has recently been featured in the broadcast programme Aktueller Bericht from the SR Television. The report gives an overview of our scientific profile and outlines the potential of biomimetic systems in infection research.


See the video here (starts at 22:18 min).

NanoMatFutur Junior Research Group, December 2016


Gregor Fuhrmann has received a prestigious research grant from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). His project will focus on a novel natural transport system for antibiotics and is funded for 5 years.


Helmholtz Association press release.

Poster award, September 2016


Gregor Fuhrmann has won the Best poster award at the Nano meets Future Symposium, Saarbrücken, Germany, for his work entitled "Extracellular vesicles as smart carriers for small molecule drugs.


Our research is supported by the European Research Council and the NanoMatFutur programme from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). Project BEVA

Other funding schemes:

- Volkswagen Foundation


- Studienstiftung

- Marie-Curie Actions

- Phospholipid Research Center

- Saarland University

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